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Installing jenkins-debian-glue on a Rackspace Cloud Server in ~5 minutes

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jenkins-debian-glue allows you to build Debian & Ubuntu packages directly from the Jenkins Continuous Integration system. There’s a good documentation on how to deploy it automatically on cloud servers. I just want to add one extra remark on how to do it on a Rackspace Cloud Server. Because otherwise the setup may fail because of a missing full qualified domain name (FDQN).

Use FQDN as "Server Name" when creating the server instance, e.g. jenkins.jimmy.co.at

Thanks to the guys in the rackspace channel on IRC for pointing me in the right direction!
This way /etc/hosts and /etc/hostname will contain the FQDN and the automatic setup of jenkins-debian-glue will work without any problems. I suggest to correct the hostname in /etc/hostname to the short name, e.g. jenkins, because Debian and Ubuntu always use the short name in /etc/hostname and I’m not sure if something is going to break otherwise! AFAIK this is not true for Red Hat/CentOS.
BTW: /bin/hostname -s works also with FQDN in /etc/hostname.
I’ve tested this setup with a Standard and a Performance 1 instance, with Debian 7 and with Ubuntu 12.04 LTS. Whole installation including creating server instance took about 5 minutes.
Have fun building Debian & Ubuntu packages :)