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Got my Lenovo X230 without camera :(

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Take care when ordering your notebook in the Lenovo webshop, you might miss a camera, too. I configured mine and I wanted a builtin camera. Then I decided that the 3×3 antennas would be better than the 2×2 and so I changed the configuration. What I did not see was, that the box for the camera options, where you choose if you want a builtin camera or none, just disappeared and the camera gets unselected. When checking the config again before hitting the order button I checked every option but there was no line like “camera: none” so it looked good for me. When the notebook arrived there was no camera builtin. Reason: The third antenna in the 3×3 config needs the space where the camera would be. Unfortunately there was no hint or warning in the webshop :(
Of course I was able to send it back and order a new one but this process is very time consuming. This happened a couple of weeks ago and in the meantime I got my new X230 but the bug is still not fixed in the shop although I reported it :(
(BTW: I ordered in the shop of Austria but I also checked the US shop which has a similiar problem)

I hope this post helps somebody else not to run into the same problem.

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