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Cisco WAP4410N and Gigabit Performance

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In the last days I made some tests with 802.11n performance with Cisco WAP121 and WAP4410N access points to find out how much throughput I can achieve. Therefore Gigabit ethernet is required and the WAP4410N comes with a Gigabit interface (the WAP121 does not, JFYI). So I connected the AP with the included ethernet cable and forced it to use 1000 Mbps. Suddenly the link went down and never came up again. I checked the switch and everything was configured properly. Just for fun I took a look at the supplied cable and it said Cat.5, not Cat.5e. So Cisco includes a cable that does not work with Gigabit *LOL*
(Yes, under some circumstances a Cat.5 cable might work but I never tried that myself. It’s better to pay 2 Cents more for Cat.5e or Cat.6 ;-) )

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