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Growing Hardware RAID-5 with arcconf

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Maybe you read my previous post “Growing Hardware RAID-5 with LVM by adding a physical disk” where I described how to add another disk to a RAID-5 with the MegaCLI tool. For older ServeRAID controllers you have to use the arcconf tool instead, e.g. ServeRAID-8k, which was shipped in the first x3650 models. There’s plenty of documentation about arcconf but how to resize a raid was hard to find. The MODIFY command is used for resizing and let’s assume that we have 3 disks in the array and add another one (same as in my previous post)

./arcconf modify 1 from 1 to MAX 5 0 0 0 1 0 2 0 3

The syntax of arrconf is:

./arcconf MODIFY <Controller#> FROM <LogicalDrive#> TO [Options] <Size> <RAID#> <CHANNEL# DRIVE#> [CHANNEL# DRIVE#] [noprompt]

So in our case it was Controller# 1 and LogicalDrive# 1 and MAX means to use all capacity that will be available. Raidlevel will still be level 5 and the harddisks are [0 0], [0 1], [0 2] and the new [0 3].
To watch the status of the raid migration, use

./arcconf getstatus 1

JFYI: To add another 146 GB SAS (15k) to the raid it took about 12 hours to rebuild the array.

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