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Using IBM Bootable Media Creator on Debian

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IBM provides a tool called “Bootable Media Creator” (bomc) which creates bootable media – like an usb key – that allows you to easily install all firmware updates even if there is no OS installed on the server. You just select your server model, e.g. x3650, and the tool downloads all available updates. This saves a lot of time.
Formerly I used bomc on a SLES server but now I wanted to try if it would work on my Debian notebook, since the tool is available as a single binary and not as a rpm package as usual.
It started up and seemed to work but unfortunately after downloading some packages it stopped with an error. Long story short: I just copied the SuSE-release file to my /etc on my Debian notebook and all errors were gone :-)
My /etc/SuSE-release looks like this:

SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10 (i586)

Bomc can be downloaded at the IBM site