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IBM Server x3350

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A few months ago I bought the new x3350 Server. Previously the x3250 was my standard model for small solutions. But I was always missing some important features which are now available with the x3350. These are:

  • Hot-swap redundant power supplies
  • Dual Gigabit Ethernet for bonding
  • Light path diagnostics

Thank you IBM for exactly implementing my wishlist ;-)

When I installed Debian etch on the machine everything worked fine except the broadcom NICs. They were not detected so I had to use a newer kernel.
The problem was solved when “Etch and a half” was released because the 2.6.24 kernel includes a newer tg3 module.


grml 1.1 and IBM Server x206m

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Remember the x206m and its “problematic” SAS/SATA Controller? ;-) Last night I tested the aic94xx driver again, which is also shipped with grml. Former releases of the driver worked with SAS but not with SATA. grml 1.1 comes with kernel 2.6.23, so worth a try. Unfortunately it’s still not clear if the firmware for the driver is licensed under GPL or Adaptec’s license. So it’s currently not included in the grml release but you can download it from here. Copy the file to /lib/firmware, unload and load the aic94xx module again. Watch the syslog and you will see, that the harddisks will be detected. Also tested it with a 500 GB IBM SATA disk. Works, too! :-)

So the next step is to upgrade my x206m to etch and find out if it will work with the standard etch kernel, too.