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The forgotten posting: Debian etch on IBM x3200 and x3250

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Yes, this posting is called “forgotten posting” because I just realized that I never posted it, although i should had been done a long time ago :-(

A lot of people had problems with the Adaptec Controller in the x206m model. Fortunately, the successor x3200 has a LSI controller on board which works perfectly when running Debian etch on it. It uses the Fusion MPT drivers and best of all: It’s not a fakeraid controller, it’s real HW-RAID (thx to mika for pointing me in the right direction, because I never thought about it :-) ).

Notes for using HW-RAID: There’s a small cmdline utility on the IBM CDs called “cfggen”. With this tool you can manage your RAID volumes. The userland utility (daemon) mpt-statusd monitors your RAID volumes (it’s included in Debian etch).

Notes about Debian woody: My x3200 was running a long time with Debian woody. You just need to install a newer kernel so that the controller gets recognized.

All of the information above applies to the x3250, too. It’s the rack version of the x3200.

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