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X60s, update nr. 1

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Most of the things that didn’t work out-of-the-box were fixed in no time:

Wireless LAN, ipw3945
The ipw3945 project provides the driver and userspace daemon for the card. Yes, you need a userspace daemon for that card and this is also the reason why it won’t be packaged that soon… again a licensing problem :-(
Beside that annoying facts it works perfectly.

Starting with version 7 you can use the i810 driver. DRI didn’t work but I didn’t spend much time to solve it.

I installed the alsa drivers from the cvs tree. When I booted the first time I had to tune the mixer values because they were all above 300, instead of < 100. Also I have to restart the alsa subsystem after booting once again to make it work. That’s ok for now because I think that this problem will vanish with the next kernel release

3 Responses to “X60s, update nr. 1”

  1. chw says:

    -frage zum x60s – gibts probleme mit der kühlung – sprich wird das gerät an einigen stellen sehr warm ?-akkulaufzeit und acpi-allg ?

  2. jimmy says:

    Translation of the last comment:
    “About the X60s – are there any problems with the cooling – any part of the notebook getting too hot? How about battery life and acpi in general?”

    A: No, there’s no problem with the cooling or at least, I didn’t notice. It’s getting a little bit warm where your right hand usually rests.
    I still have not tested the battery life with optimizations :-( When I work on the notebook the small battery lasts about 2 hours and the big one about 6/7 hours. I will post results when I have run some real tests.
    ACPI works great under Linux… if this was your question.

    greets Jimmy

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