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IBM x336

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Today I’m testing an IBM x336 server. Since the IBM servers are certified for SuSE and Redhat there’s usually no problem to get everything to work. The only pitfall might be the hard disk controllers. If you use SuSE or Redhat you can get the drivers, if you use Debian you are not that lucky. But this is only a problem if the drivers are not open source, otherwise you can simply recompile them for the debian kernel (For ServeRAID the drivers are in the official kernel source so this controllers work out-of-the-box)
Last time I tested a x346 where the ServeRAID controller was an Adaptec fakeraid and the driver was closed source. Anyway, when I see a fakeraid I usually use mdadm which worked perfectly. But there is a drawback. In this case you have to use the usual scsi drivers but then hot swapping of drives could fail if the driver doesn’t support it or if the support is buggy. In this machine the kernel module was aic79xx and hot swapping didn’t work stable enough for me (Lazy as I am I didn’t check if the module even supports hot swapping, so maybe it’s simply my fault ;-) )
The x336 has an onboard LSI Logic (kernel module mptscsih). Hot swapping worked, I just had to remove and reinsert the adapter with scsi-add:

scsi-add -r 1 0 1 0
scsi-add -a 1 0 1 0

Since this is a real hardware raid I activated the mirroring function in the BIOS and tested again with grml… no problems.

3 Responses to “IBM x336”

  1. Lam Nguyen says:


    i have an x336 server , i can’t setup linux because the server do not have floopy
    disk for load LSI’ driver controller. how can i install?
    Pls help me

    Thanks & regards,


  2. jimmy says:

    You don’t need a floppy since the driver is in the kernel. If your linux installer can’t detect the hard disks without having a driver on a floppy, then something is wrong with it. Which linux is it?

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