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Mobile internet

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As I’m now travelling more than before I decided to have a look at “Mobile Internet”. In Austria there are about four providers who sell such solutions. I wanted to make sure that the cards work properly under linux so I asked three of those four providers for a test card. Only two were willing to do this, the third said that I can test it in the store, which was no option for me (Because I also tested the new linksys umts router and didn’t want to move it to the store).
The newer cards are all the same, no matter which provider sells it. They are Globetrotter cards which use the nozomi kernel module. You can get all information and the driver on this website. I also packaged gcom for debian, which is a program to switch between the modes of the cards (umts, gprs, etc.) and to register with the provider. Of course, the nozomi module and gcom are on the grml cd ;-)

The card didn’t work in the linksys router so I have to wait for the new firmware.

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