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Installing debian sarge amd64 on IBM server x336: Can not mount CD-ROM

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Problem: The debian installer can’t mount the cd because the ide-cd driver can’t be loaded correctly. This happens because ata_piix is loaded (S-ATA support) and is not able to detect the cd-rom on the ide port. This driver aquires all ports so you can’t load the ide-cd driver afterwards. So you have to load the generic ide driver BEFORE ata_piix is loaded.

  • Boot the installer cd as usual and hit enter
  • When the dialog for language selection appears switch to a console (Alt+F2)
  • Execute the command “modprobe ide-generic”
  • Switch back to the first console and continue

7 Responses to “Installing debian sarge amd64 on IBM server x336: Can not mount CD-ROM”

  1. Hanibal says:

    The same workaround work for IBM ThinkCentre (model 81387HG – probably for others too).
    Thanks :-)
    Installer with 2.4 kernel have not this problem.

  2. jimmy says:

    Right, kernel 2.4 doesn’t have this problem. But who wants to use a 2.4, anylonger ;-)
    Thx for the report that the thinkcentre has the same problem. This is also true for the notebooks that use S-ATA. AFAIK the problem with the driver is fixed in newer kernels. Worked for me with the grml 0.6 CD and kernel 2.6.15.

  3. Michael Blank says:

    I tried installing 3r4 of testing onto an IBM x336 8837-25U (U320SCSI Drives) with the modprobe ide-generic and cdrom driver loading still failed.

    I then switch to Debian stable 2.4 and it booted up fine
    I’ll just end up converting back to testing and run upgrades.

  4. jimmy says:

    Michael: Currently I don’t have access to a x336 so I can not reproduce your problem. If you want to try again, just send me a mail and we can solve it together. Without additional info I can not see what went wrong.

  5. jim says:

    I had similar issues, and the modprobe did not work. So, I manually mounted the cdrom, just to see what the problem was. It took forever, but then ths install worked just fine.

  6. bootingman says:

    I have tried to install debian 6 on an IBM X336, but failed, it couln’t load the driver.

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