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WRT54GS in client mode

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I installed a wrt54gs for some relatives. There was also a computer in the cellar which should be able to connect to the router. But all tested cards didn’t get a signal so I decided to install a second wrt54gs in client mode. It worked really good, better than expected. I used the ClientModeHowto as reference.
The router to the internet (master router) had ip address, so I setup the client router with ip address I also set the mode to “wet” and disabled the dhcp server on the client as described in the Howto.

nvram set wl0_mode=wet
nvram set lan_ipaddr=
nvram commit
rm /etc/init.d/S50dnsmasq

For the first test I didn’t touch the wlan settings because the factory defaults were ok (Both had the same SSID and security disabled).

Turning on security options
First, I enabled the MAC filter on the master router and disabled the SSID broadcast (It’s the MAC address of eth1 on the client router). Next, I changed the SSIDs on both routers and enabled WEP encyption:

nvram set wl0_ssid=jimmy
nvram set wl0_wep=enabled
nvram set wl0_key1=9ECAABBDCD6C20103CAE62B38A
nvram commit

There’s also a Howto for configuring WPA2, which makes more sense than WEP. Have to try it ASAP

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