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WRT54GS in client mode, cont’d

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In the last posting I described how to use a wrt54gs in client mode with WEP. This posting describes how to use it with WPA, based on a HowTo in the openwrt wiki.

To enable WPA we have to set a few nvram values:

nvram set wl0_akm=psk
nvram set wl0_crypto=aes
nvram set wl0_wpa_psk=test1234
nvram commit

Install some packages:

ipkg update
ipkg install wl

Reboot the router and check if everything works.


  • This setup only works with WPA1
  • You don’t need nas for WPA1

In fact I wanted to test WPA2 but then I found out that WPA is rather simple. WPA2 didn’t work for me because nas didn’t work. Have to spend more time to find out what was going wrong

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