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Using the Linksys 54 Mbit PCMCIA card WPC54G

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I had two versions of this card: v2 and v3. v2 has a Texas Instruments ACX111 chip, v3 a broadcom. For v2 you can use the acx kernel module (included in grml), which you can get from the ACX100/ACX111 driver prject. Works stable, but no WPA since WPA supplicant doesn’t support that chip.
For v3 you need the drivers from the bcm43xx project. Follow the instructions there. Drivers will be included in grml soon. In the meantime you have to fetch them from the grml repository via apt:

apt-get install bcm43xx-modules-2.6.15-grml

I’m not sure if WPA supplicant supports this driver, too (ran out of time, again). BTW: Tested this driver with the WPC54GS (speedbooster), too. Worked perfectly.

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