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IBM ServeRAID Controller (Adaptec HostRAID)

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During the last weeks I tested two IBM servers, a x206 and a x346. Both have the Adaptec HostRAID controller onboard (except you buy another IBM ServeRAID controller). Because this is just a fakeraid I used mdadm to setup the raid. But I was curious if it would work under linux. Adaptec and IBM provide drivers for SuSE and RedHat but I was interested to get it running under Debian. There is no source for the driver (a320.ko for SCSI and aaarich.ko for S-ATA) so it was impossible to compile it for my kernel. Have to find out if I can get the source code :-)
Besides that the hardware worked perfectly with Debian Linux.

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  1. Weasel says:

    Trying to load up the ServeRAID 4Lx drivers under Gentoo.
    I’m not having the luck you were under Debian. Any pointers?

    ServeRAID Nuby

  2. jimmy says:

    I didn’t load the ips module. I only used aic7xxx.ko since I used mdadm and didn’t need any hardware support for the RAID. Which machine is it and what are exactly the problems?

  3. S.Arun Manicka says:


    I am installing Sco open server 5.0.7 on a IBM xseries 236
    Server. The server has an onboard dual channel Adaptec 7902w
    Scsi card with (HOST RAID) compatibility. I am able to load
    Sco open server 5.0.7 with ‘ad320′ drivers as a SCSI device.
    I am unable to load after building HOST RAID(1) on that server.
    Please help to get me the drivers.

    Thanking you
    Warm Regards
    S.Arun Manicka
    Chennai, India

  4. stefan says:

    hi there !

    I have debian on a netfinity 5500 M20 server with a serveRAID controller in it.
    I was wondering how I can monitor the raid controller for erros disk failures.
    After reading some IBM docs I installed the ipssend tool on my debian box.
    Though it seems to work just fine, I did not find the ipsmon tool that should be able to monitor the controller.

    So, can you give any suggestions on how to monitor the serveRAID controller under debian ?
    (Accessing BIOS settings and the service processor would be fine as well.
    AFAIK IBM director supports this, though I’m not willing to pay that much for my old server.)

    Any tips are welcome,
    would be great to get some answers.


  5. jimmy says:

    Hi Stefan,
    I have to find out myself how to monitor the controllers. I didn’t need it before because most IBM models have the light path diagnostics. I will post a new entry when it’s done.

    You can access the service processor with IPMI. I tested this once with the software that was on the CDs, delivered with the servers. But there’s also an open source version, which has to be tested, though.

  6. Erwin says:


    With the help of fujitsu, i was able to set up Raid(1) on Adaptec HostRaid AIC79xx(7902w) using RHEL4. My Hardware:

    Fujitsu Primergy Server TX200
    Dual Xeon
    2 x 73GB Fujistu SCSI HDD

    Our preferred OS is Centos 4, but accd to Fujitsu, they dont have the compiled drivers for that specific kernel (now would they support Centos distro). I can install Centos fine, but Raid1 (a320raid.ko) wont work.

    The procedure is rather unusual because I had to use Fujitsu’s Server Start CD. It contains a utility program that creates a FAT patition (on the HDD’s itself), containing RHEL4 installation program, with the working Raid1 driver (a320raid.ko) already loaded. Normal RHEL 4 CD installation procedure follows.

    I also have another server with SCSI Adaptec Raid Card 2100S which i did both Raid1 and Raid5.

    What can i say. HostRAID sucks big time. But then you gotta make do with what you have.

    Posted procedure on yahoo group LAMP-Pilipinas.

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