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WRT54GS V4 and openwrt

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You might have read my posting about the WRT54G and openwrt. Today I tested a brandnew WRT54GS. It was shipped with firmware version 1.03. I don’t know why Linksys starts again at 1.x version numbers but it’s definitely a linux router. All series 4 should be still linux. If you wonder why I say “still”, checkout this article. In short words: series 5 will use VxWorks, but Linksys will ship a new device, called WRT54GL, which will be running Linux.
Unfortunately the ping hack didn’t work, tftp neither (maybe I did something wrong, but I think it can’t work without boot_wait). Someone on the irc channel told me that the upload with the web interface worked for him… For me too, but I don’t know how dangerous it is.
Openwrt RC4 has now a web interface, too. So after rebooting I took a look at the new interface… Great :-) I set boot_wait so that I can use tftp which I used afterwards to restore the original firmware. My browser (opera) had some problems with the page reload and I thought that I crashed the router. But after restarting opera I saw the original web interface again :-)

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