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Asterisk Book

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Asterisk book

If you know asterisk you might know how important good documentation is. Well, O’Reilly published a new book: “Asterisk: The Future of Telephony”. And the thing I like most: It’s published under the Creative Commons license. In other words, you can download the pdf file for free :-)


Finally I got THE wireless card

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Senao Card

Yes, it’s done. Today I received the Senao NL-2511CD PLUS EXT2 wireless LAN card. It’s hard to get, because there are only a few shops in Europe. In US it’s really cheap (compared to the prices in Europe) and there are more shops to order from. BTW: I’m currently in New Jersey so it was easy to order :-)
I also ordered a 5.5 dB antenna because the card has no internal antenna but two plugs for external antennas.
You can use the card with the orinoco drivers. I tested it with grml and a debian system running 2.6.14. Now it works but I had a lot of problems with the orinoco drivers. I’m still not sure what was going wrong, but the monitor mode was never enabled correctly. And I also had to face a symptom which I haven’t seen since 2.4.x (on the debian system): I had to execute “cardctl insert” for the card to be detected.
Anyway, if I find out how to come around all these strange things I will post it in my weblog.