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I hate hard-disks (My new S-ATA Controller)

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RAID5 is a real nice thing to have. But what is it worth when a hard-disk failure crashes the kernel and corrupts the file system :-(
I’ve spent a few hours to get my main server up again. Most of the time I had to repair my ext3 filesystem manually because e2fsck had segfaults, *grml*. So this was a real bad day for me, but the good thing after all is, that my server is now running a 2.6 kernel instead of a 2.4. No problems with lvm and raid and my new S-ATA controller works fine. It’s a no-name PCI-controller with four channels and a sil 3114 chipset, which I had to buy because I didn’t have a spare P-ATA hard-disk to replace the faulty one. Although it’s one of the fake-raid controllers it works with software RAID, too.

Updated WordPress

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I thought that it was time to update wordpress, so I read the upgrade notes and installed the new version. It was rather easy, no problems at all. Even using my theme with the new version was done in a few minutes. Thanks for the wiki, its contents are great :-)