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ATI Radeon 9600, running under X.org and kernel 2.6.11

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On my grml workstation I use X.org and kernel 2.6.11. Unfortunately I was not able to compile the radeon drivers for the kernel. So I asked google to solve the problem :-) After some tries I found this article, which has two links to patches that solve the problem.


Linuxtage Graz 2005

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RAID5 Talk

Linuxdays in Graz have been great. I was giving my talk about software RAID again. Unfortunately I missed a lot of talks, because we had a grml booth there, too. I spent most of the time to repair my workstation which was intended to show a running grml. But murphy decided that the CD-ROM should not work any longer :-(
BTW: Our booth was between debian’s and gentoo’s booth. So we had the two best distributions and in between the best live-cd ;-)

The slides of my talk are now online.


E-Banking with “a.sign Signaturkarte (Bankomatkarte)”

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cyberjack cardreader

Finally I managed to use my “Bankomatkarte” to login at my bank’s e-banking site. I’ve tested it on two machines, one running kernel 2.6.9, the other one running 2.4.27. The cardreader is a “Cyberjack pinpad”. Both kernels had a module called cyberjack to handle the cardreader (USB). Only a few steps are necessary to install all necessary software:

  • Compile and install the kernel module (cyberjack, located in USB-serial drivers)
  • Install ctapi (can be found on the CD that comes with the reader
  • Plug in the reader to the usb port and insert your card
  • Test ctapi by executing “cjgeldkarte”
  • Open your e-banking site and test the login

Unfortunately it didn’t work under 2.6.9. I always had problems with permissions, it only worked for root. I have to test other 2.6.x kernels to find out if the problem is kernel-related.